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At the closing ceremony on Saturday, May 21, @jfrancis and Ray Sauvajot announced the count at 886 species. Since then, thanks to your help, the count is up to 1,177 species as of this writing. It is also exciting to see that 20% of observations have reached research-grade status, which means they have gotten ID confirmation at the species level. There are still 4,348 observations from the BioBlitz that need ID confirmation or refinement so be sure to check them out (more about that new identification interface here).

If you haven't already, please check if all of the observations that you expect to be in this project are indeed in this project. If not, the first thing you should check is that your observations have coordinates that fall within the boundaries of the NPS units in the National Capitol Region. Feel free to message me directly if you have questions or problems.

The BioBlitz evaluation team would also love your feedback and you have a chance to win a $50 gift card if you complete the survey. You should have received an email from Ardice Hartry about the survey if you registered for BioBlitz in advance. In case you missed it, here are links to the two types of surveys:
Inventory leaders and Pro-Observers
Inventory participants

Remember to keep adding observations from our National Parks because they all count towards the 2016 servicewide total. iNaturalist has continued to improve the new upload tool on the website that streamlines the process of adding observations.

Thank you for helping make the long-term impact of BioBlitz the best that it can be!

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Simply spectacular. :)

I've been enjoying the folks that learned about iNaturalist at the bioblitz and have been conintuing to use it -- that's the power of these sorts of events... They introduce you to the tool, and you take it home with you...and as you travel! Magnificent! :)

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If you haven't already, it would be great to have more of you join the project so you'll get updates: http://www.inaturalist.org/projects/2016-national-parks-bioblitz-washington-d-c/join

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If you were an expert or pro-observer, stay tuned for a special invitation later this week!

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