About iNaturalist Israel

iNaturalist is a technological platform -- comprising a website (https://www.inaturalist.org) and an application -- that allows individuals and groups around the world to record and report plants, animals, and all living things. iNaturalist is an initiative of National Geographic and the California Academy of Sciences. It is based upon the principles of evidence-based citizen science and random, opportunistic data sampling. The data collected in iNaturalist can be used for scientific research, as well as assist in the formation of local and national nature-preservation policies. Beyond that, the participation in iNaturalist strengthens the ties between observers and nature. 

iNaturalist Israel is the Israeli branch of the international network of iNaturalist nodes. It is operated by the Forum for Citizen Science at the University of Haifa. Our staff includes academic experts and seasoned citizen scientists. All the observations which are uploaded to the iNaturalist network are automatically included in both the international and Israeli databases. As part of our work we: (a) assist in the coordination between iNaturalist members in Israel (including experts and curators);  (b) help local communities kick-start projects on the platform, (c) contribute to the accuracy of local biological knowledge (such as adding Hebrew common names, local conservation statuses, etc.), and (d) making the platform more accessible (for example, translation to Hebrew).

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