Erica porteri, Erica tenax and Erica thomae

A few observations turned up from Pringle Bay that are purple instead of white (thomae), green (tenax) or purple with white tips (porteri).
So what are they? None of this is helped by Ted Oliver sinking them all into Erica thomae and not recognizing any subspecies or varieties under the species, despite the historical taxonomists regarding them as good species.

So what do we have on iNaturalist?

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March 22, 2023

This was taken at CSI, it was indoors.

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Dive report Moturua Island Tubeworms

Second dive at this spot, first report here

25 March 2023
1hr before High Tide
Some current
Vis 1.5m
Depth 29.4m

Shane Kelly and I descended closer to the mussel farm this time, near an anchor block. We then headed in the direction of the previous dive at this location. Vis was great on the surface but dropped fast to around 1-1.5 m. Conditi...

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Ideas, Comments, News

Please post anything interesting here.

Note this is a subproject of - please join this too.

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Journal 5.

Tuesday, March, 21st.
The weather was +6 degrees Celcius.
It was not windy (6 MPH from W).
The location is Conference House Park, Staten Island, NY.
The time was 10:55 am.
While walking in a park that I liked after visiting it for the first time on Friday while working on our group project, I saw a pine tree. The genus Pinus is one of my favorite types of plants, so I was excited to take a picture of a beautiful small tree by the beach.

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Halo. This is the start of the wildlife of the united kingdom project. In this group we find and add plants, fungi insects, arachnids, birds, mammals and Micro. We can also learn tips posted by other people. Enjoy.

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Parque Natural Urbano La Fila, San Luís, Baruta, Caracas, Miranda, Venezuela

Riqueza biológica:

El 'Parque Natural Urbano La Fila' es un área natural urbana conservada. Cedida por la urbanizadora y constructora del asentamiento urbano en sus inicios (principios década de lo...

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Posted on מרץ 25, 2023 04:55 אחה"צ by rafael_gianni rafael_gianni

Pubescens versus Plumosa

This species pair seems to cause quite a lot of confusion, and in many observations it is not resolved.

On the Peninsula they key as follows:

  1. Petals lanceolate, oblanceolate, ovate or lanceolate-ovate, or consisting of an ellipitic or linear blade and basal claw, never hood-shaped in the upper part. Calyx tube with hairs within: P. pubescens
    1' Petals with upper part hood-shaped; bracts leaf-like, twice as long as the flowers: P. plumosa


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Discoveries during David Weges Wildlife Tracking Course - March 25-26 at the Apricot Centre

David's course is fabulous and we highly recommend him for an in depth study of tracking, trailing and learning the signs and behaviours of UK animals. A perfect course to prepare us for the Dartington Parish Bioblitz on the 13th May.

Bioblitz (Eventbrite)
iNaturalist - Bioblitz Project @davidcwege

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March 26th - Taeniaptera trivittata

We're happy to announce another online workshop! Here are the details:

This week we'll look at the Micropezidae and learn how to recognize the common species T. trivittata using the existing notes. I will also work on improving the notes and hopefully making a more formal resource.

As always, our meetings are completely informal, and everyone is invited to speak their minds and ask questions to the group. Participation is vital for learning!

Please feel free to le...

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Rainy days 2 -3

Day 2 was a rainy one, and the few dry windows didn't line up with my work schedule. So it was a rainy early evening walk, but I had a walking companion and we did a nice 3.5 mile circuit through the neighborhood. No observations posted, but miles were logged! We did not gain any new donations, but we did gain 2 new iNaturalist project members - welcome!

Day 3 so far - I snuck in a 1.5 mile loop through my neighborhood park in the morning during a lull in the rain. Recorded 2 pla...

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Lauryn Quintana March 25th 2023 Manchester/Salem, NH

Species found:
Fungi: Basidiomycete Fungi
Lichen: Common green shield lichen
Bryophyta: Moss
Pterophyta: Ferns
Lycophyta: Ground Cedars
Gymnosperm: Norway Cedar cones
Angiosperm: Northern Bayberry

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Hi all,
I was hoping some folks might volunteer to lead some in-person or virtual events (outings, walks, discussion hours, ID blitzes) for the upcoming CNC.
Myself, I am recovering from a broken ankle, and will likely have quite limited mobility over the course of the four days, but I am hoping I will be mobile enough to lead a limited outing after insects and spiders. Remains to be seen though, and in all likelihood I won't be able to roam very far.
So if you have someth...

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Subspecific taxa of Phylica ericoides

Phylica ericoides is a much-branched, compact shrub to 600mm. Branches slender, sparsely covered with short, fine, grey hairs. Leaves lanceolate to linear, obtuse or nearly acute, and rounded or heart-shaped at the base, 5-8 mm long, alternate, simple with a short petiole, rolled margins, hairless above margin and midrib sparsely hairy when young, underside.with short, fine grey hairs.

The flowers are very small, 1.5-2 mm long, tightly packed into 4-7 mm wide rounded heads (capit...

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Phylica status March 2023

Phylica status March 2023

10,089 observations by 1,527 observers
118 species (& Trichocephalus: 1 sp with 1,270 observations)
16,537 identifications by 372 identifiers.

4,940 observations (49%) Research Grade
2,559 observations (26%) only ID to genus: help get them to species her...

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Quelques taxons à vérifier

Parmi les taxons sur lesquels il faut être prudent et qui doivent faire l'objet de confirmations en 2023 :

  • Les valérianelles (graines)
  • Les géraniums (forme des pétales et forme des feuilles)
  • Les saules (feuilles, inflorescence, bois des jeunes rameaux)
  • Les arbres et arbustes d'ornement (au-delà du genre)
  • Les laîches et les joncs
  • Les oseilles (forme des feuilles, des valves fructifères)

N'hésitez pas à utiliser des c...

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Phylogeny of Phylica

Phylogenetic analysis of Phylica L. (Rhamnaceae) with an emphasis on island species: evidence from plastid trnL-F and nuclear internal transcribed spacer (ribosomal) DNA sequences
James E. Richardson, Frans M. Weitz, Michael F. Fay, Quentin C. B. Cronk, H. Peter Linder, Gail Reeves, Mark W. Chase 2001 Taxon 50: 405–427.

The relationships of the island species o...

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New Project for the Dartington Bioblitz please become a member

In order to have a tighter map focusing on Dartington Parish , I have created a new project and wonder if the 5 members of this project would like to join

Thanks Mark O'Connell

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Gentilcore: ChatGPT, what species would Eriogonum brachypodum be most commonly misidentified as?

Robot: Eriogonum brachypodum, commonly known as the Cushenbury buckwheat, is a species of flowering plant in the family Polygonaceae. The species is endemic to southern California in the United States and is known to occur in San Bernardino County.

It's difficult to determine with certainty which species Eriogonum brachypodum would be most commonly misidentified ...

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Last Day of Spring Break Birdwalk

Field Journal #4
4:20-5:30pm Centennial Woods
Partly Cloudy, 26 degrees
Streamside woods habitat

I set out for Centennial Woods this past Sunday and got to the entrance closest to campus at 4:20. I carefully walked down an iced over path to get to an open, sunny spot where I had seen birds before. I packed a sandwich and I was hoping to find a log or rock to sit on with a view of good perching branches above the brook. As I started down the hill towards the brook, I h...

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Осины с апельсином!!! Розоцветные

🌳🍊 Мы продолжаем наш образовательный канал на YouTube "Осины с Апельсином"! Здесь мы размещаем наши краткие видео-уроки (от 15 до 30 минут) по разным разделам ботаники. Морфология, фитоценология, география растений и другие. Автор цикла - Ксения Дудова (@antennaria).

🌱🌱🌱 Как устроены представители семейства Rosaceae и где они растут? В новом видео нашего канала рассматриваем основные моменты вн...

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Field Journal 4: Social Behavior and Phenology

24 March 2023

Start: 5:00pm

End: 6:20pm
Location: East Woods, South Burlington, Vermont
Weather: Sunny, 38 Degrees Fahrenheit. Mixed hardwoods and Hemlock forest, forest clearing.

A multitask of sorts, birding throughout a trip to Potash Brook for a lab assignment. The first hour was spent unsuccessfully. After the appearance of a few American Crows flying overhead before walking down the ice-covered trail, there were practically no birds to be found. ...

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3/24/23 Field Journal: Centennial Woods Natural Area

4:00-5:00pm, 3/24/2023, Centennial Woods Natural Area, Burlington, VT, sunny with partial snow covered ground, 40 degrees Fahrenheit, forested area.

Birds observed: 16 Black-capped Chickadees, 6 Tufted Titmice, 4 House Finches, 10 White-breasted Nuthatches, 3 American Crows, 1 White-throated Sparrow, 1 Dark-eyed Junco, 1 Northern Cardinal, 5 Ring-billed Gulls, 2 Blue Jays, 1 Hairy Woodpecker

On this trip to the forest within Centennial Woods Natural Area, I specifically w...

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BioBlitz results!

Thanks everyone for joining our annual winter BioBlitz at Kelley Park! We love visiting Kelley Park in the winter, as it's a great place to observe winter life in the middle of San Jose. During our event, we saw California slender salamanders, arboreal salamanders, native snails and slugs, and even slime molds and mushrooms. In fact, we documented 34 species of fungi, on mulch, logs, dead and living trees, and also on some annual plants (rust).
We're always amazed by the high number...

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April 8th Bio Blitz Sycamore Canyon Arroyos & Foothill Conservancy

Hello you wonderful iNaturalist people.

I am working with the Arroyos & Foothills Conservancy to put together a bio blitz of Sycamore Canyon on April 8th. Sycamore Canyon is a 10 acre undeveloped parcel off of 2815 E. Chevy Chase in Glendale. They will be purchasing this land to be maintained as a wildlife corridor.

My hope is to meet many of you for the first time, spending the day or as many hours as you can spare, iNatting the heck out the area. If you look on i...

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March 18th

Date: 3/18/2023
Start time: 2:30pm
End time: 3:30pm
Location: Prospect Park, Brooklyn NY
Weather: 53˚F, 9mph E, 37% humidity
Habitat(s): Groomed landscape, residential area, young trees

On Saturday, I went to Prospect Park in order to see a different variety of species than I typically do in Vermont. My neighborhood of Brooklyn is an especially good place to go birding because of how quiet and green it is compared to the rest of the city. Prospect Park is esse...

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Parque Nacional Cerro Saroche, Venezuela: datos en iNat

Ubicación: estado Lara

Superficie: 32.294 Ha.

Fecha de creación: 07 de diciembre 1989 (Decreto Nº 637).

Ecosistemas protegidos y atractivos naturales relevantes: matorrales deciduos y semi-deciduos, cardonales y espinares.

Recursos hídricos: ríos intermitentes de amplio lecho en las zonas bajas.

Agradecimientos: a Rodrigo Lazo

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Posted on מרץ 24, 2023 11:27 אחה"צ by rafael_gianni rafael_gianni

Animals of interest in the Seba Beach region.

Wabamun Lake has seen significant change in landscape in the 20th and 21st century that have vastly changed it from what it once was. As to be expected, these changes have been reflected in the fauna of the area, with certain populations declining and some increasing. Apart from the human changes to the Wabamun area that makes it notable, its location also serves as an unusual mix between boreal forest, parkland, and foothills. With old foothills to the west of the lake, as well as on Co...

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Field Journal 3/18/2023

On Saturday, March 18, I spent a couple of hours at The Desert Conservation Area near the border of Marlborough and Sudbury, MA. It was sunny, about 50 degrees F, and there was enough wind that I could hear it blowing in the pine trees. The Desert is a 615-acre pitch pine/scrub oak community, which is fairly rare in Central Mass. I’ve been visiting The Desert for most of my life, and I remember when the Conservation Commission did a prescribed burn about 10 years ago to stop eastern whit...

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FJ4: Field Observation: Social Behavior and Phenology

Date: 3/24/23
Start time: 11:00 am
End time: 12:00 pm
Location: Derway Cove, Burlington, VT
Weather: Overcast, 40°F
Habitat: Marsh, woods by water

I had an awesome time birding this morning. There were so many species, including both songbirds and waterfowl and it was such a great spot.

My birds were very talkative today. Every time I moved or another bird flew too close to his tree, this Blue Jay would start the warning calls. There were a number of R...

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