Physalis heterophylla: The Clammy Groundcherry

Perennial. Densely fuzzy with simple (unbranched), glandular, divergent (pointing outward) hairs.

One of the most common perennial species in the US, with one of the broadest ranges, from the eastern US across to the West.

Click for examples.

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City Nature Challenge Results Narrative for Louisville Metro and More!

The iNaturalist City Nature Challenge-2022

Results Narrative for Louisville Metro and more!

Written and Submitted by Professor Margaret M. Carreiro, Administrator of this event for Louisville Metro.

From April 29 to May 2, while most Louisvillians were preoccupied with preparing for the Kentucky Derby and attending Derby events, 137 intrepid souls were contributing for the first time to a Bioblitz hosted by the iNaturalist City Nature Challenge, in which about 400...

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Ohio Spring Oak Gall Wasp Report 2022

This is perhaps a bit premature considering there is a final flush of what I consider to be spring galls still to arrive (Amphibolips nublipennis among a few others) but here is a summary of my observations of this years gall wasp season in Ohio (mostly NE Ohio, but a couple trips to NW, W an S Ohio are included here as well).

Appearing well before leafout

Neuroterus vesicula
First appeared in mid-March on the usual first tree on the College of Wooster ...

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May 27 Update

It looks like a beautiful holiday weekend to get out to your favorite wetlands.

iNaturalist stats to date for 2022: 2,533 Research Grade Observations, 180 Observers, 73 Species, 80 Counties. Numbers are climbing!

Counties that do not yet have 2022 observations: Belmont, Guernsey, Harrison, Holmes, Marion, Monroe, Muskingum, and Tuscarawas.

We need to find a few more species to match recent years.

Forktails lead the way so far, by a fair margin. Common Whit...

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Identifying Native Black Poplars

The Native Black Poplar (Populus nigra subsp. betulifolia), also known as the Water Poplar, Wild Black Poplar, and Atlantic Poplar is a sub species of Populus nigra restricted to Britain, Ireland, North-West France, and the Low Countries.

The native black poplar was historically planted to indicate field, parish, manor, and county boundaries and as a waymark in Britain. As such many specimens exist in hedg...

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More about the BioBlitz

The Marshy Point Nature Center and the Maryland Biodiversity Project will host a BioBlitz at Marshy Point in Baltimore County. A BioBlitz is a rapid inventory of the living plants and animals. Our goal is to document many of the hundreds of species likely to be found at Marshy Point. Collectively, we will explore the meadows, forests and wetlands along forests and wetlands along Dundee and Saltpeter Creeks!

Anyone can participate by posting wildlife photos from Marshy Point to iN...

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Project Dragonfly Observation of the Week: Common Whitetail

Introducing the Project Dragonfly Observation of the Week! This week's feature is a common whitetail dragonfly, photographed and logged by iNaturalist user nances. View it, like it and comment on Facebook,

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Welcome to Anoles Of the World

Hello everyone! This project is all about anoles. Many people in general don’t know much at all about anoles so we on inaturalist need to make the difference.
I would like if we would reach out to more people on Inaturalist so that we could have more members. So observe away and make a difference!

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Bag of Blue-tailed damselflies (Ischnura elegans

Out learning field survey protocol for work in Finland and Norway

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Defenders of Wildlife photography contibution

As an aspiring conservation photographer, it is an honor to be a contributor for the Defenders of Wildlife campaign to protect Georgia's Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge! Click the image to read the most recent article and support the cause! To follow my Okefenokee Photography Project blog, go to www.okefen...

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Elephant's Eye on False Bay

I have a new project for the biodiversity in my garden. Some inherited exotic commonorgarden, my fynbos additions, with volunteer plants, small life and birds.
57 species (and 70 including the broader higher leaf taxa)

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I have gone through Lui's book and entered all the species I could. 168/ There are 20 species that are not in iNat. I will flag the species and get them in the system.

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Bienvenido a la Aventura!!

Comenzamos una aventura, mirar, observar y registrar toda la Vida Natural que os rodea en el recinto de vuestro colegio.
Para identificar nos registraremos en dos App iNaturalis y en Seek.

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Запись брифинга с разбором правил

Объявление о старте Кубка и публикации видеозаписи брифинга:

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Старт Кубка 2022. Запись брифинга с разбором правил

Дорогие друзья!

Уже завтра (28 мая 2022 г.) стартует Четвёртый Кубок «Флоры России» по фотофиксации растений. В этом году Кубок состоится в личном зачёте. Внимательно читайте регламент:

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A special Botswana cow pat project !

If you live in or visit Botswana please take a look at the incredible biodiversity of our wonderful and ubiquitous cattle pats. Botswana is cattle country !
There are as many cows and bulls as people in Botswana !
Please join and make contributions to this Botswana cow pat project.

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time to upgrade??

iNaturalist has a little while back created the annotation "Scat"

  • Evidence of Presence : Scat
    It seems as if this annotation has stabilized and been accepted

The opportunity therefore exists to convert this project into a collections project.

To add an observation to the project will then require only that one adds the annotation, and the observation will automatically be added. If there are not scats/dung/pellets/droppings on the observa...

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The peniform clitoris of the spotted hyena, reconsidered

(writing in progress)

Everyone knows that the spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta, is odd in having a peniform clitoris.

The usual interpretation is that this allows females to emulate masculinity in a society that is matriarchal to an unusual degree among mammals. Or, more particularly, that females have converged with males by having extremely modified geni...

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TaiEOL × iNaturalist 公民科學工作坊《2022臺灣生命大百科推廣暨協作工作坊》



地點|Google Meet @ worldwide

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Physalis Phuzz: A Primer

Trichomes (aka hairs) are one of the most important ID features for Physalis. Their density, length, structure (simple/unbranched vs. branched; glandular vs. not) and orientation (antrorse/forward pointing, divergent/outward pointing, retrorse/backward pointing) are all crucial for species determination, in part because you can always see them regardless of whether the plant is fruiting or flowering.

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metro Calgary BioDiverCity challenge is on again in two weeks!

Greetings Calgary bioblitzers!
The metro Calgary BioDiverCity bioblitz is on again, and it begins in 2 weeks. From June 9 -12, submit images and sounds of any and all organisms in Calgary, Okotoks, Airdrie, and Cochrane. This year, we're entering into a friendly competition with over a dozen other municipalities in western Canada and northwestern USA, to see which region can get the most participants, observations, and species per capita.
Observations must be made between 12:01A...

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Coyotes and Foxes Oh My!

In the last several weeks:

  • Coyotes have been reported sighted and heard at Heritage Park
  • Over here at the Donald Barn, a high-pitched bark and growl has been heard every few days in the Sabal Palm, Pineland, and Saw Palmetto brush towards the back of the property--we think this is likely a fox guarding a nest.

We'll see which of these I am able to record or photograph in the coming weeks and months!

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Introducing 'The Cole Harbour Heritage Farm iNat Challenge'.

The garden has natural areas where wildflowers grow undisturbed and birds and insects go about their day-to-day activities, as well as more intensively used areas which provide greens and vegetables for the museum’s tea room. Visitors to the garden are encouraged to stroll at their leisure or sit and enjoy the sights and sounds.

While exploring the property look for wildlife and share observations with iNaturalist!

How many species of ‘wild’ plants can you find on the...

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The Farm and iNat – a bit of history

This project was initially setup prior to the 2019 City Nature Challenge (CNC). This was the first year that HRM was registered in this global event and participants were being encouraged to explore their backyards and numerous areas around the municipality – an invite was extended to the community to visit the farm! Similar invites were posted on

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Indicios de sequía

Tenía mucho rato de no asomarme aquí, a este diario en Naturalista. Prácticamente dos años desde la última vez que publiqué una entrada. Esta vez lo hago con preocupación, sin que pretenda alarmar o hacer drama.
Este mediodía, como apunté en mi más reciente observación, tuve un hallazgo extraordinario.
Donde vivo desde hace cincuenta y cuatro años originalmente encontraba uno muchos chapulines, pululaban en jardines y calles, eran una sensación para nosotros niños jugando y andan...

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May-June EcoQuest

Hello all!

We are halfway through our EcoQuest "Mustard Madness!" If you are unfamiliar with the project, here's a snippet from our blog:

Most of us are familiar with the sight and taste of cabbage, broccoli, kale, radishes, turnips, and mustards on our dinner plates, but did you know that these vegetables–collectively known as cruciferous vegetables–are all related? These plants are members of the Brassicaceae family, which is comprised of approximately 4,060 different ...

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This Bioblitz is for Wisconsin Master Naturalists in the Friends of Urban Nature training event.

Join to post observations, and only in Dane county.

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Ecological notes on Syzygium (Myrtaceae) in southern Africa

@jeremygilmore Comments please?

One of the obvious biotic differences between southern Africa and Australia is in the incidence of Myrtaceae (

Myrtaceous trees and shrubs cover much of Australia across a wide range of climates and soils. By contrast, they tend to be few and far-betwee...

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