National Geographic is hosting a BioBlitz Identification Gathering!

On Wednesday, August 24th we're hosting a gathering to make one last big push on identifications for BioBlitz observations before the NPS centennial. Registered Pro-Observers and Experts should have received an invitation this afternoon. If you didn't and you're interested in attending, please message me as soon as possible.

It's a bring-your-laptop-and-identify kind of event, so come prepared! Feel free to bring guide books or other useful identification aids. We'll have light refreshments, including cupcakes to help celebrate the birthday of the National Park Service, which is the following day.

Space is limited, so please respond ASAP if you would like to attend. Hope to see you there!

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Party! Party! Party! :) Have a blast!

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Looking forward to it! I stuffed nine identification guides in my saddle bags this morning!

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