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I am a life long naturalist. Studied Botany as an Undergrad at U of MD, BS and Biology at George Mason University, MS. I worked at US Geological Survey 13 years as a biologist. I am retired and involved in various citizen science organizations including Audubon Society of Northern Virginia, Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy, Virginia Native Plant Society and North American Butterfly Association. I lead walks on pollinators and plants with various organizations. I did three years of bee surveys at Wolf Trap and the Mid-Atlantic Forest Bee Survey, led and identified by Sam Droege. And led three years of butterfly counts at Wolf Trap also. For at least 8 years I have participated in the ASNV Occoquan Bay surveys. In these we identify anything we can photograph. And bored with the mid-atlantic, my husband and I have traveled to Alaska, Pacific Northwest and Montana in search of new flora and fauna. My Flickr has 20,000+ items. So I say I am a 'botanist that turned buggy'.

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