Bay Area Happy Hour Friday March 22: Anyone?

I put an iNat Happy Hour on the calendar for tomorrow like a month ago and totally forgot about announcing it or choosing a location. Looks like I'm the only one from the iNat team who could make it (aside from maybe @alexshepard, assuming it's in SF). Is anyone else in the SF / Oakland area interested in grabbing a drink tomorrow evening?

Open to location suggestions BART, though maybe we should keep it near BART. Here's some ideas:

Jupiter (Downtown Berkeley)
Temescal Brewing (MacArthur, Oakland)
Woods Bar (19th St. Oakland)
Kilowatt (16 St., SF, but will it be a madhouse on Friday?)

Peninsular folks (@sea-kangaroo, @gyrrlfalcon, @leslie_flint), any suggestions within walking distance of BART down your way?

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I'm game. Mad Oak is walking distance from Lake Merritt Oakland station (5 blocks). Never been to Woods or Temescal Brewing, but would be up for either of those as well.

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Can't do it tomorrow, but thanks for the invitation! For future reference, there is a rather remarkable Chinese Restaurant walking distance from the Millbrae BART, that has lots of live fish in tanks. We could iNat them!
Hong Kong Flower Lounge

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Ok, Woods Bar Friday March 22 at 6pm. I will be there. Don't let me drink alone. FYI @dgreenberger, @dgreenberger, @loloscheiner, @ang, @morganstickrod, @primalux, @adrained, @rademacherdan, @eddiebug, @screws, other locals I'm forgetting.

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Ahhh I suck, I'm gonna be out of town once again. Crossing my fingers for the next one.

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