Ken-ichi Ueda iNaturalist Staff

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I'm a naturalist! I also co-founded and currently co-direct iNaturalist. If you have any problems or ideas, please let us know in the Forum.

A little about me: I've been fascinated by nature for as long as I can recall. I used to horrify my mom by waltzing into the house holding snakes and salamanders to show her. Eventually, I translated that love into a degree in biology. Since then, I've worked as a GIS technician, web developer, and wildlife technician. iNaturalist grew out of the belief that I might not be alone in my desire to combine nature and the Web. iNat has rendered that belief unnecessary.

If you have questions about iNaturalist use, policy, etc., please email or post in the Forum.

If you want me to join your project, you'll have to describe to me what it does that can't be done at If it's just another combination of place and taxon except with your logo on it, I'll pass.

If you'd like me to check out an observation / journal post / whatever, please explain why and don't just @ mention me, e.g. "Hey @kueda, what do you think of this?" instead of just "@kueda." The latter makes me feel like some kind of pet or robot that you're summoning.


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