Alba M. Vos

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I am a fine artist and clinical therapist by profession. I grew up in Northern Wisconsin and spent the majority of my childhood following behind my Pops, a grade schoolteacher of 50 years, as he taught about the natural world - the history of it - including the harm we have caused and the principals of stewardship.

My interest in entomology began in childhood and with the "Elemental Sentinels" of our small cottage near the flowage: Walking Sticks that covered the outer walls in the long, warm summer, the perching of the crepuscular creatura until dawn upon the same, the ladybugs for luck, and the bluets and darner dragonflies that would perch on our boat bow to sun and rest as we were.

My family defines me as a "perpetual student". It's pretty accurate. If a book is on the TBRL it's definitely not one of fiction. Currently, and formally, I am continuing in my education in both Behavioral Health and Entomology.

Because of my current profession and the population with which I work - the chosen privacy settings for some locations are set to private. They are not negotiable in that. It does not affect the ability to vet the ID nor does it negate their worth.

Therein and henceforth, please use the following as a PIN location for all "private" observations:


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