Stephanie Tran

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Hello, my name is Steph! I am a graduate of The University of Texas at Arlington with a BS in General Biology and am currently a research intern for The Guppy Project in Trinidad & Tobago.

I was born with microtia and spent most of my childhood in between hospitals and school. I knew that I wanted to be a wildlife biologist for as long as I can remember, but growing up hard-of-hearing and as a first-generation student made it very challenging to find my way through science. After being introduced to iNaturalist and research opportunities from my Texas Biology course, I realized that I could become a scientist, and have been nutty about ecology and evolution.

I enjoy getting involved in fieldwork, museum work, and scientific outreach and education. I would consider myself a generalist with an emphasis on herpetofauna, birds, lepidoptera, and fungi. But most of all, I love documenting things, especially through photos!

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