Taxonomic Swap 139671 (הועלה ב 2024-02-23)

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The hybrid Anagallis × amoena belongs to the genus Lysimachia, but cannot be transferred to the genus Lysimachia under this name because the South American species Lysimachia amoena already exists. The name Lysimachia × amoena does not officially exist, this name was invented on iNaturalist. To date, there is no valid name for this hybrid taxon in the genus Lysimachia. Someone needs to make a name in Lysimachia for it.

After consulting with Rafaël Govaerts from POWO, I decided to call this hybrid Lysimachia arvensis × loeflingii until there is a paper in which this hybrid is given a proper hybrid name.

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נוסף על־ידי kai_schablewski בתאריך פברואר 23, 2024 04:32 אחה"צ | אושר על ידי kai_schablewski בתאריך פברואר 23, 2024
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