Taxonomic Swap 142842 (הועלה ב 2024-05-06)

Complex created due to taxonomy rearrangement as discussed in Curators there have agreed to remove the complexes. The previous sectional classification has been restored, so the complex is no longer needed and must be swapped back to subgenus Carex. Most affected observations have been ID'd more specifically, and IDers were warned of the swap through tags to the largest extent practical. Hopefully only a few dozen observations will lose specificity due to the swap (many of which probably can never be ID'd more specifically to a Section).

לא ידוע
נוסף על־ידי abounabat בתאריך אפריל 26, 2024 02:01 אחה"צ | אושר על ידי wildskyflower בתאריך מאי 6, 2024
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