Welcome to the Illinois Botanists Big Year 2021!

Find the most plant species in Illinois in 2021 and rejoice in your victory! The year 2021 marks the sixth annual Illinois Botanists Big Year (ILBBY). Anyone may participate, from professional botanist to plant identification novice, by uploading photographic proof of their plant sightings to iNaturalist. Each observation will automatically count toward the contest if you've joined the project and the observation meets the rules below.

New in 2021: The only observations that will be displayed on this project page are those by people who have joined the project. So, click this link to join up! Curious about yearly comparisons? You can always look at total yearly stats by using the Explore page, such as 2020 vs. 2021 Research Grade plant observations in Illinois.


  1. Must be a plant (bryophytes and vascular plants – native and non-native species are accepted),
  2. Observed in Illinois,
  3. Observed in 2021 (and uploaded by January 15th, 2022), and
  4. Research Grade (that means it must be “wild/naturalized” and that you need a photo, date, location, and at least two people or >2/3 consensus on a species ID, in order to confirm the identification accuracy)

Join the Illinois Botanists Big Year 2021

Curious about other ways to get involved than making observations? How about...

However you express your love for the flora of Illinois, happy botanizing!

-cassi / @bouteloua

P.S. The 2020 results will be announced after Jan 15th, so please do help out with identification if you can!

Carex buxbaumii illustration by Kathleen Marie Garness.

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Pinging the 213 people who made 100 or more observations of plants in Illinois in 2020. Wow! For some context, there were only eighteen people who made 100 or more obs of plants in IL in 2016, the first year of the ILBBY.

@abelkinser @adriansydor @aengel @aerintedesco @alderjulius @alexandradestria @alveyaj @andrewhipp @andrewstpaul @ashleywold @averyshikanai @batgirl @benzerante @berna @big_al_xo @biobirdnerd @bird_freak @brandon236 @brandoncorder @brdnrdr @brendannoble @brendanrattin @brucestikkers @canelasincera @carolt-80 @carriekinderhaus @chloesohmer @chriskozlak @christimccallum @cindysam @cjosefson @cmidden @colleenieweenie @conniecowan @cooperf @crwrcwamt @d_coulter @daltonk @damo87 @danielpohl @dannl @dicot1 @dorwageld @dougtaron @downbytheriver @doxadzo @drbrown @dtwilliams @dziomber @earthycrunchy @eattaway92 @eileenapril @elfaulkner @elliotgreiner @emmariealexander @eriko @esmall22 @ewarden @flourdewild @genoamike @geodude365 @gmorrissey001 @grantfessler @greensnake879 @guacandroll @hannahsdad @hazelgrouse4 @hazelnutman @hola56789 @hortusmax @irmela @isoetes @izabellejaquet @ja5 @jackassgardener @janehaller @jawinget @jayell @jdsflower @jenhugstrees @jennifer_p @jenniferannifer @jhinds @jjhepker @jmw77 @jnelson7408 @joelmc @johnhboldt @jonidenker @joshklostermann @joshuajohnson @juliebags @julieu @justwanderin @k2018lena @k3outdoors @karibou20 @kassiehenrikson @kathleensoler2 @kennedy9094 @kerohling @kinz917 @kkucera @kmjulian2 @krystina1 @kstormblessed60 @l0ph0ph0ra @laniarius @laurawhipple @lava70 @lori366 @lweichel @lynnjames @maladychanges @maleca @marensr @maritza31 @mary88 @matt167 @mattnugent @maureenclare @maxallen @maxanderson @mccrea @mcleandg692 @mcullenbailey @meganhanson @mgkerry @micahbowman @micahfreedman @mikeug @missanthropic @missgreen @mjadams @mlally @mmasell @mn2010 @morelock37 @morgle @moyogi @mrmeyer55 @mrostrowski @mycorrhizael_fungal @namaste1968 @nancynf @nateandlinds @naturalist_glenn @neaturephyter @nicothoe @outdoorsie @ozarowski @parksisters @partspermillion @pathe @paulroots @paulswitzer @phrelanzer @pjennetten @plantdruid @ppete @prairiehobbit @presleyseek @professorbeech @psweet @rafaelurbinacasanova @ralph54 @randyshonkwiler @rarecatsnake @redadmiral98 @rewdankins @rgraveolens @rheinrichs @rin_nd @robbmiller @rommelgp @ruthmetterhausen @rwbehrba @sandijustad @sanguinaria33 @schnumis @sdncnaturalist @sedge @serendipitree @seversondells @shawnmakulec @sidchan282 @skrentnyjeff @spydarbot @ssinn @ssm57 @steve857 @stevenchun @suzy37 @taco2000 @tararat @tatyanai @terrypie @the_roving_naturalist @thelittleman @themothergooz @thewkey @threelark @timfelinski0251 @tofish4 @tpellegrini827 @traveltheedges @ungulateunion @vnevirkov @wildernessbarbie @wildlandblogger @woodridgejeff @zoology123

פורסם על-ידי bouteloua לפני יותר מ 3 שנים

Yay! Botany time again

פורסם על-ידי wildlander לפני יותר מ 3 שנים

neat!! did you mean 'must be observed in 2021' in the rules?

פורסם על-ידי meganhanson לפני יותר מ 3 שנים

d'oh! fixed, thanks :)

פורסם על-ידי bouteloua לפני יותר מ 3 שנים

I enjoy this project in so many ways. The lead observers are inspirations, the lead identifiers are teachers, the top identified plants fun scavenger hunt challenges, the ideas for helping contribute from @bouteloua are fun and engaging... all this to say I look forward to another year.

פורסם על-ידי k2018lena לפני יותר מ 3 שנים

I'm so excited to be joining for the first time!

פורסם על-ידי wildmoss לפני יותר מ 3 שנים

@k2018lena 🌻💛 awesome to hear.

I should also say that if anyone is keen to help keep the project up-to-date or has any ideas, I'm all ears and open to co-collaborators!

Monthly updates (example) would be a good goal, but it tends to fall to the wayside a bit for me when I get busy.

@greensnake879 - nice! welcome :)

פורסם על-ידי bouteloua לפני יותר מ 3 שנים

Whoa, this is so cool! I had no idea that what I was doing held any sort of significance! I’m happy to be a part of this ☺️

פורסם על-ידי canelasincera לפני יותר מ 3 שנים

I appreciate the invite! I am new to this group and am looking forward to participating and contributing this year!

פורסם על-ידי joshklostermann לפני יותר מ 3 שנים

Looking forward to contributing in any way I can :)

פורסם על-ידי prairie_fairy לפני יותר מ 3 שנים

Wow, I wasn't it in for any recognition but it's very nice! I love learning about Nature! Thanks!

פורסם על-ידי rommelgp לפני יותר מ 3 שנים

Thanks! What good company to be in!

פורסם על-ידי marensr לפני בערך 3 שנים

This is very cool! I plan to keep on contributing as much as possible.

פורסם על-ידי christimccallum לפני בערך 3 שנים

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