Katie Kucera

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I'm a plant ecologist and volunteer land steward from the Prairie State, based in northeastern Illinois. I'm most excited about conserving biodiversity in remnant and high-quality restoration ecosystems, and strengthening the connection between people and land. 🔥 My expertise is the flora of the upper Midwest.

Organizations, writing, and resources to explore:
🌱 Friends of Illinois Nature Preserves
🌱 Illinois Native Plant Society
🌱 Strategies for Stewards
🌱 Plants of Concern
🌱 A Botanist's Field Notes
🌱 Illinois Botany group on Facebook

Online resources for learning and identifying the flora:
🌱 Flora of North America
🌱 Flora of the Southern and Mid-Atlantic States
🌱 Michigan Flora key
And learning about plant characteristics so you can identify them:
🌱 Vascular Plant Systematics

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