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17 year old naturalist in Chicago, Illinois. Birds have been (and will forever be) my first and foremost passion, but over the last years butterflies, salamanders, snakes, plants, etc. have all become huge parts of what I go out to look for.

As a two-year-old, I fell in love with nature when I watched a documentary on cuttlefish. For the next 8 years, I collected fossils and learned as much as I could about the prehistoric world, and at age 11 I was sucked into the world of birds. I started iNat to give myself an idea of what I was looking at in a bird's mouth ready to feed to young, or the tree that bird was sitting in, and that has now morphed into an all-out obsession where I take photos of everything I see, even if I've already taken a hundred photos of it in the past.

My dream used to be that I wanted to stay in Illinois for the rest of my life. Seems a bit silly right? I came to the realization after a few months that yes, that was in fact a bit silly. After 18 months in COVID of having not traveled, I got really comfortable and fascinated with what was right around me. A couple of out-of-state trips was all it took to shake that. The Appalachian and Uinta Mountains, the Arizona Sky Islands and all of these rugged and “wild” places really opened my eyes to just how much is out tere to find.

Sidenote, I used to be pretty careless with my ID's here, so I took a long break from it. I'd call my areas of "expertise" all North American BIRDS, SALAMANDERS, BUTTERFLIES, SNAKES, and a bunch of miscellaneous other plants, insects, etc. Feel free to tag me in anything, I'll do my best to ID it, but I'll probably not know some things.

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Instagram: @brdnrdr

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