Sphaeromorda natalensis Franciscolo 1950

Original description in:
Franciscolo, M. E. 1950. Ermischiella papuana n. gen. n. sp. di Mordellide della Nuova Guinea e diagnosi preliminari di tre nuovi generi africani (16 Contributo alla conoscenza dei Mordellidae).

Redescription with illustrations in:
Franciscolo, M. E. 1956. Mordellidae and Scraptiidae in the Collections of the Durban Museum (XXIX. Contribution to the Knowledge of Mordellidae and Scraptiidae). Part II Durban Museum Novitates, Vol. IV. Part XIV

Body shape extremely wide, short and convex. Colour black; the black surface of the body, mainly head and thorax, has a bluish violaceous shine. Ground pubescence dark, with violaceous or reddish violaceous shine on head and thorax, but with no shine at all on the elytra and undersurfaces. Scutellum covered by dense, long, shiny golden white pubescence, with dense file-like sculpture. Elytra (figure) extremely convex and wide, file-like punctation, very regularly and separately rounded at apex. Ground pubescence black, with no shine at all, with markings of whitish hairs distributed as indicated in the figure.

Type locality: Umhlanga, Durban (KZN, South Africa)

iNat observation: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/139509787

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