BC Blue and Red Listed Vascular Plants with ZERO!! Observations on iNat

I put together a list (I've never really used this function before) of all the listed species in BC that have not been observed on iNat yet. Some of these have super narrow (known) distributions in BC and some of them haven't been seen in the province for a very long time. I would love it if more of these made it onto iNaturalist.

Consider this a hit-list. Happy hunting.


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Holy shit there's so many of them!

Any way to filter for plants on Vancouver Island? I'm doing a big year for the island this year so will be more or less confined, but would be super happy to drop some pins and make some excursions for some rare plants while I'm in the field.

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Here is a list of the listed plants with 0 observations that occur on (or around) Vancouver Island. I've also added vague areas that they are known from. If you need help tracking things down let me know.

Pyrola crypta - West of Port Alberni
Cerastium fischerianum - Kyuquot Sound
Sabulina pusilla - Rocky Point (Victoria Area)
Lasthenia glaberrima - East Sooke Park (Victoria Area Presumed extirpated)
Epilobium torreyi - Victoria Area (Presumed Extirpated)
Ranunculus lobbii - Victoria Area (Presumed Extirpated)
Oxypolis occidentalis - Near Mount Washington and near Port McNeill
Elatine brachysperma - Port Alberni
Micranthes tischii - Strathacona Park
Bolboschoenus fluviatilis - Hesquiaht Peninsula
Juncus nevadensis var. inventus - Tofino/Ucluelet Area
Sisyrinchium idahoensis var. segetum - Saltspring Island and Texada Island

There are also I'm sure listed species that occur on both the Island and the mainland that have never been observed on Vancouver Island

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Interesting compellation.

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I should note that Pyrola crypta, Cerastium fischerianum, Elatine brachysperma, Micranthes tischii, Bolboschoenus fluviatilis, Juncus nevadensis var. inventus, and Sisyrinchium idahoensis var. segetum would all need very detailed photos with lots of measurements to confirm ids. (or a collection, but I am not advocating for collecting endangered plants here)
@liamragan if you are interested I could separately give you some things to look for on these plants (ex: sepal and petiole measures on Pyrola crypta)

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Very nice!!!

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Neat list Finn! It will be interesting to target many of these

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What a list! I already had some of these on my radar, but now I have many more. Thanks for the work and inspiration

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Wow, that list is a lot larger than I would have thought! It makes for some nice target species for botanizing trips.

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A few thoughts (happy to go over this on a call sometime);

If we could find a way of refining this list for easier public engagement I'd be thrilled to get an article in the B.C. Nature magazine, either the upcoming Spring magazine (deadline: February 15) or more likely the summer magazine.

Related to the above, it would be great to develop a shareable map of known locations of species with notes we could use as a reference guide. E.g. a Google MyMap with pins for localities and comments on timing and occurence.

A couple of these in particular stand out to me; B.C. Nature will have a team in Hesquiat for over a month led by @aiva this March with the assistance of @handroid and we'd planned to target Bolboschoenus fluviatilis after having received input on it from @iadams of Wildlife Conservation Society of Canada. I'd also be interested as a Board member of Rocky Point Bird Observatory with access to Rocky Point to learn more about Sabulina pusilla to see if we might be able to look for it during the banding season.

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@liamragan I'd love to have a call about this sometime with you. I would be interested in helping to make this list more publicly accessible.

As for the 2 species that you were referring to that's exciting that @aiva and @handroid will be going to Hesquiat in March. Unfortunately the record for Bolboschoenus fluviatilis is from August and I would not trust any record of the species from March. It just won't be idable at that time of year. The Sabulina pusilla occurance is a well documented site at Church Point.

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Are you sure there'd be no way to confirm in March? What about if we collected a sample / cutting of some kind? As an alternative we have a volunteer who lives there year round right by where the specimen was originally documented, we could ask her / her son to go take photos if we nailed down the exact location.

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Ah. Re Church Point that's well outside of Rocky Point Bird Observatory's area of operation so even with base access I couldn't get there without explicit permission. That being said, I know one of the naval biodiversity technicians who does have access, I can ask her about either iNatting Sabulina pusilla or arranging for access. I'll let you know.

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Well thanks a lot for completely eliminating my ability to focus on any office work whatsoever.

But seriously... this is REALLY exciting, and I appreciate you putting it together!
Side note: we are considering a similar list for ecological communities at risk with no documented BEC plots or mapped element occurrences. Stand by for that (along with user-friendly ID material). iNat still won't take ecosystems but a) some day I will convince and them and b) CDC Ecology will take them!

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Oxypolis occidentalis was a total blind spot for me, and we apparently like similar habitats. Should be able to get hit some known locations this summer and maybe look for a few new ones! Jack, we should go for Pyrola crypta and Micranthes tischii... but you can be in charge of measurements.

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