Aiva Noringseth

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Perpetually outside, big nerd exploring vancouver island.
In love with vertebrates (especially bats!), trying my hand at botany, passionate about all things ecology.
Studied Geography and Environmental Studies as an undergraduate at UVic.

Stoked to be a summer naturalist with the BC Parks iNaturalist Team 2023, view our field season here

**I encourage everybody to make sure their observations have:

  • attribution or no copyright (CC0) status so they are uploaded to GBIF to be available to researchers everywhere (Profile -> Settings -> Content & Display)
  • ensure that their observations have positional accuracy ("Acc:") for the same reason (24m or less is ideal for modelling!)
    you can search for your no accuracy obvs with this link: [your_username]

My Fishes collection project
Mammals collection project

Slowly adding to this list of Handy Identification Resources:
Invertebrates of the Salish Sea including a Systematic Index and Key to Species
PhycoKey A visual interactive key to Algae, Cyanobac and others
Guide to Coastal Salmonids that shares illustrations with my favourite fish guide
iNat curator thomaseverest has a whole swath of Mollusc resources listed in their bio
Key to the Fairy Shrimp of BC A gorgeous illustrative key made by Thalia Grant that works through one of my favourite groups of invertebrates
Anatidae Hybrids User @liliumtbn's waterfowl hybrid index
Mammal Checklist for BC, 2020, Nagorsen Count between 153 to 165 species to date

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