Over 80 species in section Anisophyllum for iNaturalist!

I recently IDed what appears to be a Yucatan Peninsula endemic and it made me curious to know how many species had been confirmed on iNaturalist. So I looked it up, and there are 84 species that have at least one observation on iNaturalist! At least one species is not confirmable and a few more require verification (either the observations need confirmation or the species concept itself needs confirmation), but even 80 is a respectable number and I'm proud to say that I have reviewed most of them at 2,078 of the 2,108 observations on the site! Thanks to all the people (whatever your nationality) who have posted the observations and keep up the good work! I look forward to all the new observations I'll get to see this year!

As for doing more for Euphorbia s.l., I'm slowly chipping away at learning the species. Hopefully, I'll get to know more of them so I can help those with slightly broader interests than my own. In the meantime, I have tried to get an ID for all the observations that I have been tagged in.

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Thank you, Nathan, for your efforts and especially for sharing your expertise with those of us who will never attain your level of knowledge of this awesome genus. You are greatly appreciated!

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You are too kind. :) You and the other observers who post to iNaturalist have provided me such a wealth of material to work with and helped hone my identification skills. What is so awesome about this site is that people like you place value in my identifications and I place value in the observations. I haven't before encountered a website that fosters this kind of relationship. To be honest, it is wonderful!
The best part is, the more people post, the more I learn and the better I get at identifying for people. Looking back to even where I was at the beginning of the year, I had no idea that I'd be able to ID so many species. All but a handful of those 80ish species, I have become very familiar with.

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Nathan, you're a perfect example of the value of a specialist (although, I've seen your observations -- you have some amazing ones that aren't Euphoria!). @kueda @loarie know of the value of folks like you as well. :)

Thanks big time, Nathan. I'll surely observe a LOT more Euphorbia in your honor. ;)

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nice work Nathan!

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