iNaturalist DC gatherings in 2017—let's meet in January!

Fellow naturalist neighbors, I’d love for us to gather on a regular basis to learn more about iNaturalist and DC nature from each other. We could gather outdoors to explore generally, or focus on a more targeted group of organisms (like a mini BioBlitz). We could also gather indoors with our laptops to upload observations (if you’re behind like me), add identifications, or plan our next outdoor adventure based on taxa that haven't yet been recorded from the area on iNaturalist.

I will kick off this local effort off by hosting an indoor gathering at my house in Northeast DC on Saturday, January 7th from 1-4 pm. Kids welcome. I’ll send my address to attendees personally if you plan to come (I live in Brookland, near the Red Line. Should be plenty of on street parking.). Bring your laptop and some food or drink to share!

Who wants to plan something for February? Doesn’t have to be at your house—that just happens to be the easiest place for me to organize people.

Tagging some DC/MD/VA folks to get this rolling—please tag others! @muir @treegrow @briangratwicke @calopteryx @grizzlypieper @maryeford @jbrown @laura_sebastianelli @dossification @nloewen @ehurme @katzyna @csavy @jfrancis @danbeaupre @anneanderson @blairrowan @alonsoabugattas

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Fantastic - thanks, Carrie! Count me in.

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I'll still be out of town on January 7th. For the February gathering, we could take a stab at identifying trees in winter. Rock Creek Park would be a good place for this. I'm not great at it, but I've been trying to learn. @jhammock @dctr @elliotgreiner

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I'll be there in January! And @treegrow I love the idea of winter tree ID. Haven't practiced in a while but would be glad to!

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I love the winter tree idea for February, @treegrow! Sorry to miss you but glad @katzyna and @maryeford are available!

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Great idea, Carrie! I'm free and will plan to come. Thanks!

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count me in, a total beginner that have not really a clue of how to start.

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That's great, @jackcamino! This will be a good place to learn.

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Sounds great Carrie! I think I can come...I'll say yes, tentatively, if that is ok. I'll know for sure in a couple of days.

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Alright! This is a good crowd growing. Tagging my newest converts @mattluizza and @stsang and hoping they can join the fun!

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Trapping me in a room with a laptop and plying me with food is probably the best way to get me to go through my old notes and uploading, so I will probably make it. It'll be interesting to see where I'm at in a few weeks--how much procrastinating will I do from real work and do this instead? :P

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Haha @stsang ! iNat is a very productive form of procrastination. Looking forward to seeing you again!

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Looking forward to this Carrie. I would love for us to put together a calendar of informal gatherings in people's favorite nature spots. Striving for low-hassle, loosely-organized and fun. With food.

Tagging @judygva because it would be great to see you! And Judy is a great resource for Woodbridge area.

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Thanks @muir for inviting me. I love the idea, but will be out of town on January 7. Please count me in for the February get-together.

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Hope you can all still come on Saturday! I'll send an email with my address shortly. I don't have email addresses for a couple of you, so please email (carrieseltzer@gmail) or message me on iNat.

Need your email address:
Laura (I know I had it, but it was on my NGS account)

I've got email addresses for:
Katja (I'll include you even though you can't come since you had the great suggestion for winter tree ID next month)

Also tagging @botanygirl @ecologyelise @hughmcguinness @krosenthal @elliotgreiner @treichard @smallthingsrule @vincent12 @dctr @timbir5 in case you can come on Saturday afternoon 1-4 pm. Kids welcome. My 3 yo and and muir's will be there.

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Thanks for putting this together. Unfortunately I will be helping out with a bird count for Ward 6 that day. Keep me posted on any future gatherings!

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Sounds like fun! Not sure yet if I will make this one but great idea! And I'd love to be able to ID more winter trees so February sounds good too :)

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Thanks for the invite! I'm not sure I can make the meetup this Saturday but I'm enthusiastic about the idea of regular or semi-regular DC area iNat gatherings (formal or informal).

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If you haven't gotten an email from me, please let me know! Also, I should mention that we have a LOT of leftover cookies and beer from a NYE party, so other food/drink would diversify the options :-)

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