Susan Tsang

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I am an evolutionary biologist with specific interests in the biogeography and systematics of Southeast Asian flying foxes. Through my research on Pteropus, I have also become involved with conservation of flying foxes and serve a steering committee member of the Southeast Asian Bat Conservation Research Unit. My primary research sites are in Indonesia and the Philippines, but my capacity building work has also taken me to Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, and more. I am also involved with some disease ecology and genomics projects related to Pteropus.

Currently, I run my own consulting company, Biodiversitas Global LLC, which focuses on providing expert guidance on conservation issues and on implementation of projects overseas.

I previously served as a AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow hosted by the Division of Management Authority at the US Fish and Wildlife Service. My role is as the Program Manager for a joint endeavor by FWS and INL (International Bureau for Narcotics and Law Enforcement) to combat wildlife trafficking in Southeast Asia.

I still maintain my research program through my status as a Research Associate at the American Museum of Natural History and at the National Museum of the Philippines.
More about myself and my work on my research website:
Updates on my twitter: @batgirl_susan

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