The Fulgoridae of South Africa: the subfamilies Strongylodematinae and Lyncidinae

Capenopsis from South Africa © Gigi Laidler, some rights reserved (CC-BY-NC)

The Fulgoridae of South Africa is made up of 4 components, the most unique and unusual of which is a group of tiny brachypterous species which resemble (and were formerly treated as) Orgeriine Dictyopharids. These species, now referred to the Fulgorid subfamilies Strongylodematinae and Lyncidinae, are almost entirely endemic to South Africa, with the exception of a single species described from the island of Mayotte north of Madagascar. That species is not treated here.

Fennah (1962, 1967) described and illustrated most of the species, and an additional species was described by Emeljanov 2007. The following illustrations are taken from those publications and reorganized for convenience. The original publications should be consulted for complete descriptions.

Risius gibbus Fennah, 1967

Risius astyanax Fennah, 1967

Risius palamedes Fennah, 1967

Risius spurcus Stål, 1859

Risius patroclus Fennah, 1967

Risius darwini Fennah, 1962

Risius limonias Fennah, 1967

Risius omega Fennah, 1967

Risius porrectus Fennah, 1967

Risius belona Fennah, 1967

Capenopsis minos Fennah, 1962

Capenopsis horvathi Melichar, 1912

Capenopsis krameri Synave, 1969

Capocles podlipaevi Emeljanov, 2007

Capocles socrates (Fennah, 1967) type species

Codon adrastus Fennah, 1967

Codon praestana Fennah, 1962

Strongylodemas breviceps Fennah, 1962

Strongylodemas circulare Stål, 1855 type species

Strongylodemas retarius Fennah, 1967

Tecmar pausanias Fennah, 1962

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