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We've reached the next week for this project so let's give a quick right down on what happened. Eighteen new observations were added which is well under average but we're going to have weeks like that. As long as we break the 1,000 obs mark, that's all that matters.

Observation of the week goes to @philkahler for giving us a new species, a juvenile Broad-winged Hawk in Walla Walla. They are by far the most underreported raptor in the Pacific Northwest because of their close resemblance to Red-shouldered Hawks (adults) and Swainson's Hawk (juvenile). Though thought of as an eastern species, many Canadian breeders migrate through western US and some HawkWatches have seen as many as 115 individuals in one day. With these large numbers, they got to be coming from someone and Phil is our lucky spotter.

As we continue through this week, keep your eyes on the skies. The more Broad-wings the better and if you're on a mountain top, you're chances are that much higher. Vultures are starting to flock as well as they start going south. Many things to do so photograph raptors and post!

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