Carrying the Team

The last seven days were wild as an additional 66 observations were added to the project. That's twice the goal I set per week so that's really good. Here's the kicker though. I account for 60 of these observations. I guess you can say I took one for the team. Not only that, I still need to submit a couple more sightings from yesterday, including my 800th Red-tailed Hawk photo.

I'm putting myself on the spotlight today because I'm taking up the bulk majority of the new sightings. Though I photographed over 40 Red-tailed Hawks on Sunday showing every gradient of variation, why not go back to the textbook individuals. My best quality photo is a juvenile calurus sitting on a pole outside of Joseph, Oregon. He pretty much summarizes what a typical juvenile looks like. A heavy bellyband, white breast, faint barring on the flanks... You can view the photo here:

There's still some time to get some Broad-wings in before they're completely gone. This is the last full week of September so find them fast. Good thing this is the best week to find them. Also photograph Swainson's if possible, it could be your chance. I also saw a report of someone seeing THREE Boreal Owls at Mount Rainier the other day. This is putting me in the owling mood so go out and find the most elusive species on our list!

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