Observations every day... slowing down a bit! I'll be spending more time ID'ing.

Inspired by @jmaughn , I've been trying to observe organisms each and every day. I do it for a philosophical reason: every day we interact with organisms that we share the planet with! Anyways, the temps are falling and the weather is getting a little more dreary, but I'll still try to find time each day to go out and explore. I'll try my best to stick with my rule of posting plants only with reproductive structures (flowers, or more likely at this time, fruit and seeds). I'll probably post more birds than any other taxa.

Also, I'll try to ID my older observations that are still lacking ID's, and I'll be ID'ing some other folks' observations that still need ID. :) Stay tuned!

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You've inspired me - it would be nice to make it a daily routine!

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Oh it's ever so much fun! :)

Try it for a week, see what you notice. Go to a different spot each day too -- a different little park or vacant lot or ditch -- some will have the same things, but I betcha you'll find different stuff too! :)

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