LOTS of observations... South Texas diversity!

So, I took the day off today, and I'm going to be focused on uploading lots and lots and lots of observations from my trip down south. It was my first time headed down there, and wow -- I was blown away with the diversity! Elizabeth and I had a really great time. Some day I REALLY want to go to Mexico... Hopefully I'll be able to sometime.

Now, many of these observations I won't have an ID -- I've got a lot of flipping through field guides and examining other observations from other folks to try to figure out the ID's... As a matter of fact, I think this is pretty important. I have the responsibility to study my observations and try to make them as accurate in ID as possible. At the same time, I sure won't turn down any guidance on ID's! :)

As we start getting into the colder months here in TX, life kinda chills out, and I'll be spending more time going back through my observations that don't yet have ID's and devote quite a bit of time to giving guidance on other folks' observations too. It's all good fun. :)

Stay tuned for lots of observations from south TX! :)

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I bet this will have some great observations!

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Looking forward to seeing them!

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Really great stuff! I bet you added a lot of new "firsts" with that trip!

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Whew... I've got some massive homework to do now! :)

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Ah Sam, I think a lot of us really love to see your observations, with or without a species level ID! You make Texas seems like the Magic NatureLand!

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