A Sad Loss for iNaturalist

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Greg W. Lasley
1949 - 2021

Greg passed away earlier this evening after struggling to recover from a serious illness.
His wife Cheryl was by his side at home in Dripping Springs, Texas.
I will have more information about this transition in a short while.
Right now I am still absorbing the news and trying to figure out
what the world will be like without my friend of 40 years.

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I feel very fortunate to have met Greg in person and spent time in the field with him on a couple of occasions. My life was brightened by having met him. Heartfelt thoughts go out to his wife, family, and anyone else lucky enough to have been able to have met Greg.

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I'm so sorry for your loss, Chuck.

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Greg was an inspiration for my entry to iNaturalist. A great loss for those who love nature. He was helping me get better at moth photography right before he went to get the lungs transplant. Rest in peace, Greg. Sorry for the loss of your lifelong friend, Chuck.

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Greg will be remembered for his extensive knowledge and generous spirit. Our sympathies to Cheryl, Greg's relatives, and all who were fortunate enough to say that he was their friend.

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I’m so sorry, Chuck. May light perpetual shine on his soul.

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My condolences. It sounds cliché, but we do not seem to have good words for grief. It's a damned crappy thing, to be honest. I've known about Greg's medical condition for some time (from him). You two were close. If you have the chance, could you pass on my condolences to his family? I didn't know Greg personally, but he's been part of my iNat experience since I began. I'm heartbroken to hear this, but will remember him with fondness.


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This is truly a sad time. Greg was such an amazing person, and I'm very glad to have known him. I wish I had been able to spend more time with him and know him better than I did. Chuck, I know you have lots of good memories of him, and I hope they help sustain you in this difficult time. Your friend, ---- Clif Ladd

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Chuck, I felt honored to have met Greg (and you) at the Val Verde Bio Blitz. Greg generously had circled back to camp to pick me up, and I rode around Del Rio with him. It was a most enjoyable day. Greg was also very helpful to me here at iNat. I wish that I had been able to spend more time with him. I'm very sorry for your loss.

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Chuck, I was so sad when I got this news. I never met Greg personally but he certainly helped me with many of my ode id's. He will be missed by his family, friends and the entire naturalist community. His legacy will live on with the enourmous amount of data he entered into iNat and his amazing pictures that are publised in field guides. I am sorry for your loss of a dear friend. I pray you and Mary Kay will find peace and his family will feel the love of the entire community of people that admired Greg for his breadth of knowledge.


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