Arbitrary goals sometimes produce great things. Or at least interesting things.

The main point of this site is that we learn more about nature, learn more about ourselves, get outside, connect with others, contribute to science...all of those are great goals.

I also like racking up numbers. There is a competitive part of my personality that likes to see numbers go up, and a completionist part that doesn't like leaving stones left unturned. And sometimes I set rather arbitrary goals for myself. The next county to the north of me is Polk County, and compared to the county I live in, it is undersurveyed. The flora and fauna are mostly the same, and there isn't a lot there that is that different from what is just around me. And yet, I wanted to see my name move up the Polk County, Oregon Leaderboard. So I got on my bicycle and bicycled north to the settlement of Buena Vista. Buena Vista is also one of three towns in Oregon that has a ferry (although I did not ride the ferry). It was an interesting day, although due to the lack of daylight, I couldn't stay long. Also, I didn't get any extraordinary observations--- lots of kestrels and daisies.

On the way back, though, I did find a state park that somehow I was totally unaware of---Luckiamute River State Park, which has around 2 miles of riverfront on the Willamette. I only saw part of the park, but I am hoping to go back soon.

But it is interesting to me, that setting a goal---even a very arbitrary, almost petty one...allows me to expand my horizons.

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