Bay Area Happy Hour Friday Feb 15: Sunset Reservoir Brewing Company in SF

Sorry about the late post this week, the iNat team is on retreat! We'll be having happy our at Sunset Reservoir Brewing Company in the Sunset District of San Francisco, starting at 5pm. @pleary and @carrieseltzer are visiting from the East Coast, so if you've ever wanted to meet them, now's your chance. We chose this place because it's family friendly and they serve food, so hopefully it's ok for kids and for dinner. As always, looking for someone wearing an iNat t-shirt and introduce yourself! Hope to see you there.

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@kestrel, @rebeccafay, @screws, any interest?

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I'll be there with my family!

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Are y'all going to be there for a few hours? I'd like to come but have to work until 5 today so Friday & rain traffic might prevent me.

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I'm looking forward to it! I'm not sure how long my family will last (5 year old and husband coming in from DC today) but I hope until at least 7 pm.

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