Welcome, Abhas!

Remember how we said we were hiring a developer and a designer? Well, we finally hired Abhas Misraraj as our new visual / UX / product designer, so please welcome him to our ever-expanding community! Abhas has that rare combination of design chops and a background in wildlife biology, plus he has Bay Area roots at UC Berkeley, just like iNaturalist itself. He's also an avid gamer like Alex, a Harry Potter fan like Ken-ichi (and also Alex), and really wants to talk to you about everything like Scott. Did I mention he has the same credit card as Amanda? He's either a great fit with the team or a very, very thorough researcher, or, of course, both. Regardless, we're impressed. Abhas will initially be working on new developments with Seek, but we'll be relying on him for almost all work that has visuals, which basically means everything on iNat we all use every day. No pressure! We're all psyched to be working with him and looking forward making stuff together!

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Awesome! Welcome! :)

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Welcome, @abhasm!

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Welcome @abhasm! Really looking forward to new energy in design and visuals on the site.
Hope to meet you in the field sometime soon.

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Thanks so much, everyone! I'm excited to be here :)

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