Mostly wrong about bees

So I'm finding it difficult, particularly with smaller bees, to know bees even at a family level ... I don't see any guides for our area and wish there were one. Anyone want to give that a go? I'm a generalist, so am more interested in breadth than depth.

Meanwhile, I've found the Halifax Public Library has 3 checked-in copies of "The bees in your backyard : a guide to North America's bees" / Joseph S. Wilson & Olivia Messinger Carril. I have put a copy on hold and am waiting for the transfer to my branch. This looks like a good, accessible starting point for me.

If there are good online resources (e.g. on or whatever ... I haven't looked yet) that you know of, links, please! I'm sure I'll find these eventually, but you know ... feeling lazy this morning. ;)

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