Getting comfy with keys in the bountiful month of July

I'm making much better use of keys this month. Go Botany has been invaluable several times, and it's becoming a habit to check it.

I've also gone out to hike the Bluff Trail multiple times, most recently bringing back 165 observations on July 27th. That has to be a personal best for a single outing, and amounts to about 12% of my observations for the entire year! Happy to have managed to keep it up this year without the incentive of a major BioBlitz to drive it like last year.

Apparently your summers have been similarly bountiful, as checking all the observations as they whiz by has been a challenge. (I hope dumping all of my own observations from the 27th into your feeds over the past week didn't completely overwhelm you!)

Looking forward to more outings once the heat and humidity subsides a bit ... humidex 31 at the moment ... blech! :p

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