Tjakie Naude

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I first learnt about indigenous trees in the area around Gqeberha from the very knowledgeable experts in the Dendrological Society there many years ago, and still love trees and forests. I also have a special interest in the plants and animals of the Great Karoo, an area close to my heart. I am interested in other plants and animals too.
My passion for conserving natural areas finds an outlet in inter alia removing invasive plants with the Rhodes Memorial / Newlands Forest Hacking Group. I also assist the Sugarbird Group as a volunteer, particularly their team removing invasives from Newlands Forest (other teams work in fynbos areas, all full-time). If you love fynbos or indigenous trees and related species like birds, or biodiversity generally, the Sugarbird Group is a wonderful, effective NGO to support. Their trustees are not paid anything - all donations go directly to salaries of their hacking teams and other direct costs like equipment and uniforms.

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