Sam Hough

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I have been the site Steward of the Sedona Wetlands Preserve Nature Park since the Wetlands opened in April 2012.
The Sedona Wetlands Preserve Nature Park is a manmade wetlands that covers about 27 acres. The Wetland consist of six smaller interconnected ponds, that can be accessed via walking trails, and one giant reservoir with a viewing deck. The water within these ponds is supplied by effluent from the Sedona wastewater treatment plant. The wetlands were planted with hundreds of native plants in 2012 and 2013 and has grown to be an amazing habitat for all wildlife. The Wetlands has everything from elk to ants and everything in between. The Wetlands is in the middle of the high desert and is the only water for miles.
My goal is to document all that nature has to offer at the Sedona Wetlands Preserve on iNaturalist and continue to monitor all species to obtain a history of nature at the Wetlands. I started this endeavor in June of 2020 as a project on iNaturalist. When INaturalist is used when visiting the Wetlands this data is included.

I spend summers in New York and use iNaturalist to document the aquatic plants in Bradley Brook Reservoir
I also use iNaturalist to document all nature at the Tioughnioga Wildlife Management Area.

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