Vikram Singh

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I am an avid Life Sciences enthusiast and a self-trained naturalist, with a special interest in insects. In 2017, I started a project called Life Meets the Lens that attempts to encourage people to explore the natural world and witness its remarkable biodiversity.
As a child, I spent a great deal of time in the forests collecting dead insects, seeds, stones, feathers, mushrooms, skulls and bones of dead animals and everything else that I could possibly sneak into the house without being caught. With time this collection grew quite overwhelmingly and in 2017, I created a small museum to showcase this rich floral and faunal diversity of Palampur. The museum houses different species of butterflies, moths, beetles, cicadas, spiders, scorpions, egg cases, cocoons, exo-skeletons, skulls, bones, feathers, seeds, lichens, moss, fungi and so many other specimens from the forests around. This collection continues to grow every day.

I have been awarded the Early Career Grant by the National Geographic Society under which I am working with 20 children of my village to explore and document the biodiversity of the village Kandbari in Himachal Pradesh. In another grant from the National Geographic Society I am conducting BioBlitz event in my town.

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