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Hello, Hello, Hello!

I'm just a 14 year old crazy chicken girl who loves nature. Everything God created is an expression of His love!
My family and I live on what's turning into a farm. I have birds, dogs, bees, a cat, and a garden.

I have five hens, two roosters, and five guineas (fowl). My bantam rooster, Toots, and I are best friends. He's very very sweet and the hens love him. My other rooster, Rockabilly (mean Barred Rock, ha ha), used to be the leader of the guineas. He got kicked out of the guinea gang, but he is still a miracle to the flock. He was supposed to be a pullet, but turned out to be a rooster. The guineas are hard to tame, but thanks to Rockabilly they follow me around everywhere, eat out of my hand, and sometimes I can even hold them!

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.se/thebeelovergirl/christianity/

Feel free to talk to me about Christianity! Try Typing "something." :D

Have a wonderful day!!!

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