Evelyn Marie Foley

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I enjoy looking at the little (or not so much so) things in life, which I believe includes bugs of all shapes and sizes.

I'm always trying to help with identifications, with as much as I know. Please don't hesitate to message me with any questions you have, be it about my work or my identifications.

Student Entomologist at Rutgers New Brunswick, specializing in Phylliidae under the help of Royce Cumming, and Saturniidae on my own, with the help from various entomologists.

I've written the descriptions for the following species:
Pulchriphyllium anangu
Pu. bhaskarai (description of just the nymph)
Pu. heracles
Pu. samarense (description of just the nymph)

You can read papers I helped write, or wrote myself, below:

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