Erick Munro

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Currently busy with B-Tech Degree (Advanced Diploma) in Nature Conservation. I am a qualified conservationist, graduated 29/04/2021, and naturalist. Proud product of Nelson Mandela University, Saasveld. A very ordinary 23 year old that loves the outdoors and a keen learner, hiker, bundu-basher. A very proud member of Outramps CREW in George.

I am by no means an expert, I am a generalist who loves to learn as much as possible. Species wise orchids, Leucadendron's, and Struthiola's are some of my favourites.

My main interest is how veld condition affects the ecosystems especially fauna (which seems obvious) and how to work with landowners to develop strategies and management plans to create a balance between the veld and wildlife. However, I am open to any opportunity that may present itself.

I created a detailed continuous species list for the entire Garden Route Botanical Garden for all the different habitats with the help of iNaturalist.

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