Caleb Catto

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Growing up in a nation of Spruce and Pine, where my neighbours were flowers, birds and mountains, how could one not fall in love with nature. I'm based out of Jasper and Victoria. My main knowledge is of the flora and fauna of the Canadian Rockies and the Pacific Northwest. I'm a undergrad student at the University of Victoria, pursing a double major in Biology and Political Science.

IDing: I want to help people learn and love nature and life in all its forms. If you want help Identifying or want an explanation on my identification, feel free to contact me. Please only agree with an ID by others if you can confirm yourself that it is correct. Everyone can make mistakes and blindly agreeing might lead to a misidentified Research Grade observation. Call me out if you find I made a misidentification

INaturalist Year Reviews

My goals on INaturalist for 2023

  • See Tsuga mertensiana, Erythronium revolutum * and *Drosera
  • Make 20,000 IDs
  • Add 200 new species
  • Observe 250 bird species

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