Adam Kalab

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I wanted to be a paleontologist until I was 6, then I realized it's cooler to study live animals. I have a B Sc in Zoology from Laurentian University (Sudbury, ON) and a grad certificate in Environmental Monitoring from Cambrian College (also Sudbury). I spent 2 summers as a Discovery Student at Murphys Point Provincial Park (ON), worked as a wildlife technician in Alberta, and now I'm an interpreter at Gros Morne National Park (NL).

I've always been interested in terrestrial vertebrates. Working at Murphys was what introduced me to iNaturalist. I got really into Odonates and moths, but I'll post just about anything I see. My lifetime goals are to record observations in every Canadian province and territory, observations on every continent, and to reach 100k observations.

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