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Avid naturalist, writer, and "mountain man" of the Southern Appalachians, where I was born and raised around the TN, VA, and NC border. For the next two semesters, I'll be continuing my studies in undergraduate Biology at East Tennessee State University.

Current Research
Insect Interactions and Phytochemistry Associations with Traditional Appalachian Medicinal Plants (ETSU - Whitaker Lab)
Niche Modeling Sustainable Quechua Ethnobotany in the Ecuadorian Andes to Appalachian Agroecosystems (ETSU Geosciences - USFQ - Hacienda Verde)
Endemic Land Snail & Macrofungi Interactions (ETSU @ Blue Ridge Discovery Center)

Check out my Instagram page to read the story behind some of my observations:

Here's another link to my blog, "The Backwoods Resurgence," featuring longer, more conceptual articles about ecology, ethnobiology, tips I learn about living an integrated life with the environment:

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