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I'm an avid naturalist, writer, and "mountain man," born and bred in the Southern Appalachian Mountains. Passionate about the flora, fauna and fungi of this region of subalpine "sky islands," remote coves, and rocky rivers, my mission on iNaturalist is to learn and share as much as I can about the vitality of ecology, biodiversity, and the importance of preserving an intimate connection between humans and nature in the mountains and beyond.

Currently an undergraduate student studying Biology at East Tennessee State University, most of my work with biodiversity has been conducted independently, outside of university. A few of the taxa I have formally researched include the dung beetle ecology of Southern Appalachian peat bogs with the Coleopterists Society YIA, the breeding bird biodiversity of Southwest Virginia's forests and farm country as a field tech for the 2nd Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas, montane singing insect chori, land snails, herps, and Tennessee mammal ecology/tracking. I've also played around with some small-scale botanical surveys and habitat restoration projects. This also includes participation in other community science endeavors like eBird, BugGuide, HerpMapper, eButterfly, etc.

Outside of the cybernetic dystopia, I enjoy practicing bushcraft, kayaking, growing & foraging native plants, and any other pursuits that force me to reconnect with the true "peaceful chaos" of our planet's ecology.

Check out my Instagram "natural history outreach" page to read the story behind some of my observations:

Here's another link to my blog, "The Backwoods Resurgence," which is probably a bit more mission-driven than Instagram, featuring longer, more conceptual articles about ecology in the Blue Ridge Mountains and other places I wander off to:

Happy trails,

-"Critter" Cade Campbell

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