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Biologist, naturalist guide, and writer based in the South-Central Appalachian Mountains (TN/VA/NC), but I also work to learn, explore, protect, research, and interpret the wonders of life across the Andes-Amazon regions of South America, the Southeastern U.S. coastal plain, boreal forests, and beyond. Biodiversity and place-based ecology are what I love, as well as the diversity of solutions people find to live rewarding, ecologically-integrated lives alongside our planet's many cohabitants, on sacred land.

Disciplines I've messed around with include ethnobiology, non-insect invertebrates (spiders, myriapods, land snails), various insect taxa (i.e. Hymenoptera, singing insects, Lepidoptera, etc.), field and agroecological botany, herps, mammals (gray wolves, etc.), birds, and fungi. Please feel free to reach out and ask questions if you have questions or you're curious about any of my observations. iNat has been a wonderful resource for me to connect with some amazing people, so thank you all for making this community great.

Currently, I am also still enrolling in graduate schools (with a B.S. in Biology), beginning as early as Fall 2023. If you are an academic interested in this kind of collaboration, especially with relevant interests, please reach out to me! Even if you are not able to add a graduate student at the moment, I always enjoy discourse and helping in whichever capacity I can.

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