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Please note that any identification of mine based purely on photos should be considered at least somewhat tentative.

I have a B.S. in Plant Sciences from the University of Missouri and spent a lot of time focusing on insects. I am currently working as a research technician at Arizona State University-West Campus for the Forensic Entomology Weidner Lab (FEWL Lab) and have worked on a variety of groups at academic, industry, and federal labs (Podisus, Perillus, Euplectrus, Diabrotica). I'm also currently working on my M.S. in Entomology through a distance learning program with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

I do a lot of hiking and exploring and like to record what I come across, so I look forward to submitting a lot to this site and hopefully helping out on the identification end as well.

I am a contributing editor over on bugguide where I started posting when I was about 15 and am eternally thankful to all of the awesome and incredibly patient people on there that helped me grow my passion in entomology.

I'm very interested in stink bugs (Pentatomidae) and their close relatives and have been self-teaching to try to learn as much as I can about their identification. I don't have much in the way of formal taxonomy training though and I'm still learning, so if you want to know how I arrived at an ID or think I made a mistake (which is entirely possible), feel free to ask and I'll be happy to explain my reasoning. I won't always provide an explanation for an ID initially, but if you are curious about learning how to differentiate stink bugs or would like an explanation, let me know and I'm always happy to break things down.

I also work with blow flies (Calliphoridae) and while I'm not as confident at identifying those from photos, I have a decent idea of which species to expect in Arizona.

Also, please feel free to tag me in observations where you think I may be able to help!

Guide to rearing stink bug nymphs to adulthood:

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