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19 y/o fish fanatic, marine biology major, angler, and Community Science Team Assistant Lead + Education Volunteer at Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA.

I’m most familiar with California native marine fish but have a fairly decent amount of knowledge on animals outside of my backyard blue as well.
I try to not be too overconfident with my IDs if I don’t 100% know what I’m looking at but I still make mistakes so please let me know if I happen to do so :) .

If any of you stumbling across my profile have any books, papers, observations etc you would personally recommend or have seen recently that you think I'd be interested in, please send them my way or tag me in the discussion, my inbox is completely open.

Despite the username, I am not the end all be all authority on sturgeon identification. I am still learning and while I see myself as considerably knowledgeable on sturgeons and sturgeon identification, I am far from a true expert and still make mistakes in some areas.

Proudly the #5(!!) observer in all of Long Beach, CA and #157 in all of LA County as of 6/2/24

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A better photo of 'Stu', the big white sturgeon from my icon:

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