Stephen Betzen

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I am Stephen Betzen, I am the manager of the My degree is in Marine Science and I have a composite science teaching certificate. I have always been a little more at peace outdoors than in. I frequent the Oak Cliff Nature Preserve and Cedar Ridge Preserve.

Though I love Backpacking, Camping, Hiking, Canoeing etc... I am not the best at identifications. Don't misunderstand me, I have great excuses for not knowing (busy life and job managing a local speech therapy practice with my wife). None of those excuses prevent me from unwinding in nature.

I recently started the project to locate and map all the trails in DFW and am listing them at We hope to build a resource that can be used by many to find their next favorite trail.

I joined I-naturalist after being introduced to it more times than I am comfortable admitting... but I am here now. I am here to get rid of my excuses and to learn more about what I enjoy observing.

Thus far, I am having a lot of fun. Maybe this can become a healthy replacement for the toxin of Facebook in my life.

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