Deana Tempest Thomas

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A few years ago, while sauntering down a trail I found an interesting looking mushroom and decided to try and figure out what it was. Little did I know that tiny mushroom would change the entire course of my life. I feel a great calling to educate myself so that I can contribute to the protection of the land; its history and the life it supports.

The word “Puhpowee” comes to mind. It is a word from the Potawatomi language and describes the force that causes a mushroom to push up from the earth. This is my passion; it is profoundly and forcefully calling me to do something for society and our planet. By contributing observations to INaturalist, I have gained a much deeper and meaningful connection to the living things around me, and a new understanding of the world I am a part of.

Just as the plants, insects, fungi, and wildlife are stronger and more successful because of their symbiotic partnerships; We are stronger when we work together... So, let's observe and record the living things around us. Learn and explore the natural world together and make Science and knowledge accessible to ALL.

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