Fulgoridae Africa: a guide to the african lanternfly fauna

Hi everyone. To progress the general understanding of lanternflies, I have put together a guide on the African lanternfly fauna. While it is still in a rudimentary state, I have consolidated all references available to me and provided images and descriptions for over 60% of the described fauna. Expect additional images, descriptions, keys, and identification notes in future updates. A cleaner, pdf version of this guide will be made if there is enough interest.

The guide can be found here:

Excerpt: "In 1994 Thierry Porion published Fulgoridae 1, an illustrated catalogue of the new world Fulgoride. Two years later saw the publication of Fulgoridae 2, covering the Asian species. Now over 25 years since those publications, there still remains no comprehensive illustrated reference on the African species. This guide aims to temporarily fill that void until a more complete work is published.

All described continental African Fulgoridae are included, excluding the South African Orgeriine-like subfamilies Lyncidinae and Strongtlodematinae which are treated comprehensively by Fennah 1962 and 1967. The fauna of Madagascar, which is covered in detail in Constant 2004 and 2014, is also not treated here. 108 species in total are listed, of which photos or illustrations have been provided for 66 of them (over 60%) and descriptions are provided for 83 (over 75%). A rough distribution is given for 99 species, but keep in mind that these distributions are influenced by historical collecting bias and are likely incomplete."

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, improvements, or feedback relating to this guide, or if you wish to subscribe to updates, you may do so by responding to this journal post.

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Tagging a handful of people who may find this useful (apologies for the unwanted notification if not): @beetledude @botswanabugs @bushboy @moira_fitzpatrick @bartwursten @jaheymans @markusgmeiner @stefaneakame ; feel free to tag anyone else who might be interested I've undoubtedly missed

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Thank you, @psyllidhipster. Thanks for @ing me. I shall read carefully through all of this on a more time-rich day.

It looks like a wonderful resource.


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No problem @psyllidhipster. Thanks dor tagging me. Always good to learn more about new things,


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Thank you for tagging me @psyllidhipster .

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This is fantastic. Thank you for this work and for tagging me.


@lemoncul, you may find this also of interest.

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I think I am one those untagged ones... I just fund the guide, without the help of this post! I were actually looking for one of your jounrals and the stumbled across this. Reminder: The tribe zannini has only got zanna and shows 23 species, and is supposed to show 24. That indicates a zanna species is missing.

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Zanna pauliani is excluded, since it is specific to Madagascar (this guide is only for continental Africa)

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Not a worry, I can create a guide for Madagascar for you and then give you the link. may take 1 or two days, or maybe I will complete it today... I will start today

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I can't find photos for:
Radamana collarti Lallemand, 1950
Radamana varicolor Distant, 1906

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Radamana varicolor is pictured in Constant 2004. Radamana collarti has never been pictured anywhere and I have not seen it in collections. A description (French) is available in Lallemand 1950

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where can Lallemand 1950 be found?

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A category for rhicnopholea is missing.

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I'm not sure what you mean; All the Rhicnopholea species are included, what do you mean by missing category?

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Like there are categories for each genus, subfamily tribe, etc...

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Like all Xosophara are in a category named Xosophara.

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