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Of course it started with collecting butterflies and twitching birds. Then I supposedly grew up and fell in love with beetles. Beetles run the planet, after all.


I try my level best not to specialise, which is an unpopular mindset here in academia. I had a professor at university who published an article on being a generalist -- something clearly rubbed off. It's probably the fundamental reason for me not publishing much. I am in South Africa.

I know beetles better than other organisms, but that does not mean I know them well at all. My knowledge is mostly confined to southern Africa, but I may go out on a limb for the rest of the Afrotropics. I don't claim to be an expert of anything. Then I have perverse soft spots for alien invasive organisms and for common and widespread species. And for galls.
Some of my other noms de plume would adequately summarise the rest of me:
    ► Claderunner
    ► Nitpicker
    ► Code Worrier
    ► The Lexicographer
    ► Running Madman (only half of this one is true).
🏳️‍🌈 (he, him)
This is a personal account. All my posts, images, identifications, comments, opinions and other contributions are my own and are neither to be considered nor interpreted as those of my employer, nor as being endorsed by my employer.
I wish for all my contributions to iNaturalist to remain on the platform after my death. Something may prove useful sometime.

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