Heads up: Some or all of the identifications affected by this split may have been replaced with identifications of Aculeata. This happens when we can't automatically assign an identification to one of the output taxa. Review identifications of Vespoidea 48740

Taxonomic Split 96623 (הועלה ב 2021-08-04)

iNaturalist is currently over a decade behind in terms of superfamily classification. The current treatment hasn't been valid since Pilgrim et al. (2008).

Updating to prevent conflict of IDs due to the obsolete treatment, and the vast majority of records currently at (and not below) Vespoidea do not represent that superfamily (retained as only Rhopalosomatidae + Vespidae).

It is worth noting that "wasp" and Vespoidea are not interchangeable terms.

See also: https://bugguide.net/node/view/117315/treehttps://doi.org/10.1111/j.1463-6409.2008.00340.x

Phylogenomics Resolves Evolutionary R... (ציטוט)
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Thank you so much for these updates.

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Thank you very much for the update.

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