Taxonomic Swap 92821 (הועלה ב 2021-06-13)

Haworth used an -us spelling as "5-maculatus" in the original description, which has become quinquemaculatus, so that is the valid name. The author of the reverse name change followed the Pohl et al. 2016 Lepidoptera checklist's -a spelling, which was in error.

Original description:

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לא ידוע | 2021 N. Am. Lepidoptera suffixes
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I have been wondering why I kept seeing the spelling both ways. Glad it is fixed on this site, thank you.

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It turns out that the Pohl et al. 2016 checklist hadn't fully addressed issues with the specific epithet suffixes, and many of us had assumed it had and could be relied upon for correct spelling. There are a handful of old taxon changes that went from the right spelling to the wrong one because of that misunderstanding.

פורסם על-ידי treichard לפני יותר מ 2 שנים

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