Taxonomic Swap 121401 (הועלה ב 2023-02-01)

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@maxkirsch Clements 2022 now lists this as Bocagia, but this change is not included in the list of changes or mentioned in the spreadsheet. Any idea whether this was a deliberate change, or an inadvertent incorporation of the HBW name?

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I assume this was a deliberate change accidentally omitted from the list of changes (and the spreadsheet)—Clements was the outlier among the big global checklists in keeping this species in Tchagra, so this change would fit with the general checklist unification effort going on (and the WGAC draft currently has this in Bocagia)—so I'd go ahead and make the change.

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Thanks. There are several other genus changes that aren’t listed: Neosericornis, Arizelopsar, and Clytoceyx>Dacelo. All these changes fit with WGAC latest draft so I’ll assume they are also meant

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