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Genetic divergence between Cape Lark and Agulhas Lark is rather shallow (and indeed, both species also are very little divergent from Eastern Long-billed Lark Certhilauda semitorquata) (Alström et al. 2013). With the caveat that there are few available audio recordings, vocalizations of the two also seem to be essentially identical (Boesman 2016). Therefore Agulhas Lark is lumped into Cape Lark.

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This is sure to be an unpopular decision!

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Indeed. Clements/eBird are following IUCN/Birdlife here, and also for the Benguela/Karoo lump. Though BLSA still recognise both - not sure why they differ? I guess from a recording perspective it makes little difference as observers can still record the taxon, just as a subspecies not a species

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PS the only other species level change that affects Southern Africa is a lump of Eurasian and African Reed Warblers

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